Stress Intelligence for People Leaders Webinar breaks down the fundamentals of the human stress response and provide you with five tools you can use right away with your people to better leverage the benefits of stress and mitigate its potentially toxic effects.

Watch How Humans Work cofounder and Stress Intelligence author Jeffrey Szilagyi for a tight and impactful learning session that will inspire you take on your biggest work place stresses with clarity, compassion and confidence.



At HHW, we see ourselves as health radicals in the truest sense. Radical meaning at the root of things. Working with the frameworks of evolution, the insights of Eastern health wisdom and the power of optimization principles, we bring fresh ways of connecting our clients with their natural human intelligence. Our goal is always to help people to navigate stress and create vitality. We know the future of human endeavors is to be Human Sustainable and our project is to help you and your team get there now.  


How To Grow A Stress INtelligent Workforce (Part 1)

Stress Intelligence: What is it and Why does it Matter?

Stress Intelligence™ (SI) is the ability to negotiate adversity with awareness and skill. SI is a vital asset to develop in your people. The good news is that SI skills can be learned and developed. Four core benefits of growing SI in your workforce are: greater focus, balanced energy, increases collaboration, and improved adaptability through learning.


What Biohackers Can Teach High Growth Startups

When Geoffrey Woo, CEO of Nootropic startup HVMN hasn’t eaten for 36 hours you would think he’d be grumpy. Instead he claims he gets a performance boost from the increased ketone levels in his blood. And it totally makes sense. 

He’s putting his body under stress. But it’s not toxic stress. Fasting can be a positive stress... 


Growing A Stress INtelligent Workforce (Part 5)

#NeverAgain-Lessons from the Youth of Parkland on How Control and Care Change Stress

Many people live with the mindset that the need for control is a problem. The popularized attitude when it comes to stress that “we just need to be better at letting-go” is frequently misguided in my researched opinion. It’s not wise to automatically advise someone who is feeling out of control to “let go.” In fact, what if I told you that, particularly when it comes the the demands of stress, I want you to have more control and not less? Would you be surprised? And if you could have more control...


Growing A Stress INtelligent Workforce (Part 4)

Stress and the Art of Being Human Again

So what can we do when our pressures keep us locked-up in a tunnel and unable to see the light of day? The short answer is to be more human. And what does it mean to be more human? It simply means we express the same things humans have since the dawn of time. Humans thrive when we MoveCreate, Nourish, Belong, Restore and have Purpose as part of our daily rhythm. The 6 Human Needs™ as we refer to them at Evoq, are the time tested human activities that generate health and vitality. When these human endeavors are blocked or under utilized, cycles of negative stress ensue and health is diminished.

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Growing A Stress INtelligent Workforce (Part 3)

The Threat (and Opportunity) of Stress

Underneath professional appearances we are like all other living things; we are inherently motivated to detect and respond to threats and opportunities in our surroundings. That doesn’t mean we always respond with aplomb, it just means we are wired to appraise and make responses to our environmental conditions. The effort it takes to be ‘response-able’ to threats and opportunities is what we call stress.

How we do stress matters, not just for ourselves but for our teams and the entire organization. Yet how many of us can say...

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Growing A Stress INtelligent Workforce (Part 2)

Stress Is On Your Side

Life evolved with the capacity to be alert to and respond to adversities. In the half-billion year journey of complex organisms, strategies of preservation won the day and they won it by crafting more and more effective stress responses. I liken the stress response to a hyper-drive feature that allows our bodies to work with an increased capacity when we are under demand.

In our own human version of the stress response...