Stress Intelligence for People Leaders Webinar breaks down the fundamentals of the human stress response and provide you with five tools you can use right away with your people to better leverage the benefits of stress and mitigate its potentially toxic effects.

Watch How Humans Work cofounder and Stress Intelligence author Jeffrey Szilagyi for a tight and impactful learning session that will inspire you take on your biggest work place stresses with clarity, compassion and confidence.

How Humans Work reconnects people with their inherent vitality. We give people the knowledge and tools to reclaim not just personal fitness or a healthy diet, but a complete physical and psycho-social wellness process that all humans need to thrive. We call these the 6 Human Needs. They are to Move, Create, Belong, Restore, Nourish and have Purpose!

We can show you and your people how to optimize your 6 Human Needs with our…

  • vitalitygps instrument

  • live training

  • coaching programs

Founded on a value for vitality and our proprietary work on Stress Intelligence, we leverage these two essential human experiences to help you feel more alive and balanced without falling into the abundant self-improvement traps and disruptions of the modern world.

Want to raise your personal vitality or amp up the vitality of your team or organization?  We have a limited amount of complementary reports. Get yours here.

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