Vital Leader Coaching

The Vital Leader Coaching experience will empower you in the three facets of leadership: Vitality, Mastery and Sustainablity.

Our initial focus on your personal Vitality cuts to the heart of what is essential for you to stay fit and adaptive. Vitality is the backbone of having the verve needed to be a high performer; we’ll get yours dialed-in.

Our focus on helping you understand your stressors and optimize our stress responses will strenghten your Mastery. We will give you the tools and self-understanding to improve your resiliency know-how and show you how you can get better outcomes through adversity.

Sustainability seeks to create systems and approaches that anchor and grow vitality and mastery not just in your but with your team and your your culture. We’ll teach you how to Manage Human, which is critical for retaining talent, enlivening your culture and leading your organization to the best possible results.

Vital Leader Features:

  • Small group and individual VLCP available.

  • VLCP meets over 12-weeks (weekly or bi-weekly formats)

  • Virtual meetings for ease of access and use.

  • Metrics based assessments pre and post program

  • Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee