Vital Leader Coaching

Strong leaders have great mentors who coach them to become their best. How Humans Work can offer you a powerful path to becoming a leader who is integrated in your personal wellbeing, your people skills and your contribution.

The Vital Leader Coaching Program is a 12-week journey that guides you through three facets of leadership: Vitality, Mastery and Sustainablity. A focus on Vitality cuts to the heart of what is essential to stay fit and adaptive. Mastery happens when we optimize our stress responses and improve our know how to help others increase their resiliency. Sustainability for people is a huge challenge. Knowing how to Manage Human is critical for retaining talent, enlivening your culture and leading your organization to the best possible results.

Key features of the Vital Leader Coaching Program include:

  • Weekly 1-to-1 coaching session.

  • Developing vitality skills to rewild at work.

  • Mastering your stress responses to be a more influential leader.

  • Creating impact in your organizational culture by learning to Manage Human.

  • Getting objective markers on your growth with the VitalityGPS tool.

Let the Vital Leader Coaching Program is a proven method to reclaim your energy, master your adversities and impact the events around you.

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