Vitality Coaching with How Humans Work!

How Humans Works has 8 week Vitality Coaching Journey that guides you into living our your 6 Human Needs and developing a a sustainable approach to the stresses that challenge you from being fully human and fully yourself.

Key features of the Vitality Coaching Journey include…

  • Weekly 1-to-1 coaching seesion with a How Humans Work co-founder.

  • Health Engagement practices that match How you Work.

  • In-depth skills devlopement with our Vitality Approach.

  • A 6 Week Vitality Challenge Practice

  • Objective markers and feedback with our VitalityGPS assessment tool

The Vitality Coaching Journey is a proven, life enhancing experience to reclaim your engergy and master the art of being human in a world that’s too fast and preoccupied to care enough for the quality of your life.