VitalityGPS is a uniquely powerful wellness instrument. In less time than it takes to get and drink a cup of coffee, the VGPS delivers an accurate snapshot of how your lifestyle is impacting your vitality. In the same breath it also guides you toward simple and wise lifestyle changes that not only help you feel and be better, but also change the trajectory of your long term health outcomes.

Created by HHW cofounders Jeffrey Szilagyi and Jonah Larkin, the VGPS is gives individual users, organizations and health oriented coaches and practitioners an empowering tool to help make informed changes and track the value of initiatives. VGPS targets the factors that drive personal vitality, engagement, and stress management. Our expertise helped us design an instrument this intelligent. Now let us help you in making well-being solutions simple, repeatable and stress-free. VGPS is here to support frontline people leaders, medical providers, coaches and therapists in mitigating stress and optimizing the well-being with their people. 


How It Works

The VitalityGPS experience is designed to rapidly and conveniently develop a portrait of your unique lifestyle patterns. Our algorithm scores your answers and creates a personalized report that maps your vitality across 6 Human Needs. Your report provides precision solutions to increase your energy, improve your lifestyle balance and help you deal with stress more effectively. 

  • Mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer friendly interface.

  • Survey Questions measure the holistic factors that impact human health and personal well-being.

Vital Employees.jpg

For Teams/Organizations

By running the VitalityGPS with your teams you can not only help each employee get individualized support, you can also receive data insights to improve your management practices and well-being building efforts. 

  • Learn how stress is impacting your organization.

  • Use data insights to keep low-risk and medium-risk employees from becoming high-risk.

  • Augment your existing wellness programs.

  • Target your wellness resources to meet your employee needs.


For Coaches/Health Providers

The VitalityGPS is the perfect tool for people working in one-to-one self-improvement relationships. Executive coaches, health providers and therapists who want to get a quick and in-depth baseline of their clients/patients well-being use the VitalityGPS to accelerate the process. 

  • See how where stress is impacting your clients/patients.

  • Use their VitalityGPS and your own modalities to tailor lifestyle solutions that inspire change.

  • Test and retest to measure change.