Jeffrey Szilagyi

Founding Partner-CEO/@jeffreyszilagyi

With more then two decades of integrative patient care, Jeffrey has tended not only physical ailments but also the diseases of perception. He's coached hundreds of people through widespread errors in their health expectations.  For the past 5 years Jeffrey has been reshaping the narrative of wellness with audiences in North America and beyond. He is inspired by the mysteries of the human body. "Everything I know or can know," he writes, "comes from understanding the evolutionary instincts of the body." In his personal time Jeffrey plays soccer and keeps himself busy raising two daughters and watching the sunrises over San Francisco Bay.  


Jonah Larkin (web).jpg

Jonah Larkin

Founding Partner-Lead Trainer/@jonahlarkin

Jonah brings his significant clinical experience as a Chinese Medicine Physician working with high performers to EvoQ.  He has coached hundreds of clients to achieve the highest levels of vitality and health. His persistent desire to move himself and others into excellence is the engine that drives EvoQ.   He is also a surfer, writer and martial artist.  His knowledge flows from a deep well of personal experimentation.   He has spent over 4 months in meditation retreats sitting for 12 hours a day, has tried extreme diets, and even ridden a horse across Mongolia all in the pursuit of improving himself and helping others.  


EvoQ's Advisory Team

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