EvoQ began when two maverick acupuncturists began sharing a better way to comprehend and engage our human health. Our vision at EvoQ is to revolutionize the wellness space in North America and beyond, and we mean every part of the word Revolutionize. Through making the journey of health more simple, sound and intelligable, EvoQ is igniting a much needed fire to the old health dogmas troubling the wellness experience.

We are vibrantly optimistic about our future and confident about the accuracy and power of our work. We are strengthening our reach and we want you to be a part of this incredile ride.

So far we have...   

  • Developed The VitalityCulture Training to help organizations create desirable workplace cultures of productivity and vitality
  • Presented and trained hundreds of learners in over 25 countries across the globe.
  • Partnered with  Cisco, Wells Fargo, Clifbar, Yelp and others to help them develop their wellness cultures.
  • Developed the extra-ordinary VitalityNavigator assessment tool! (The automated version is launching January 2018!)

We have much more in the works.