Human Solutions for Your Next Off-site

Working people need ways to rebeoot through self-care. Learning and play are the foundation of becoming a fuller and more balanced human. Work pressures narrow our attention, while time and space to reconnect with self and other is the ancient human solution. How Humans Work has a menu of options for your next off-site. Inspire, support and uplift your people with our innovative programs and vision for making work human sustainable.



Let How Humans Work inspire change and build connection at your next off-site. The perfect compliment to business driven activities is to break-up the grind with a message of balance. We can tailor our keynotes to meet the specific needs of your people. Click below to learn more about our speaking and keynote content.

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Take a deeper dive at your next off-site. In addition to a message of inspiration for personal wellbeing, HHW delivers actionable skills to improve wellness and manage stress. Our training will totally revolutionize how your people approach health. We integrate our VitalityGPS tool and bring experiential work because folks need to get out their chairs and head and back into the fullness of their human experience.

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Human Play Workshops

Play is the highest form of learning and foundation of human cooperation. When people can play together they can make strides in being able to handling challenges together. Our Human Play workshops take teams into other domains of their human nature which make them more resilient and better team members.