Speaking Engagements

How Humans Work delivers inspiring, fun and meaningful keynotes for teams and organizations. The ever present challenge of creating personal health and balance is always a issues that needs the spotlight in every organization. Our cofounders, Jeffrey Szilagyi and Jonah Larkin shine new light and create new horizons for health and managing stress. Rather than giving people rules and behaviors to follow, our mission is to help people understand how they work, so they can maximize effectiveness and minimize internal struggle.

Speaking engagment options menu of key notes…

  • The Vitality Mindset- How a focus on Vitality can revolutionize your health!

  • From Fear to Flow- How Stress Intelligence and transform the way you handle adversity!

  • Control- How the right dose of control makes all the difference!

  • The 6 Secrets of Healthy Humans- How mastering your Human O.S. is the secret to health and longevity!


‘Wow’ your people while also helping them to learn cutting-edge science and practices for becoming a fuller and more authentic human capable in both outward success and inward self-care.

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The Vitality Mindset

This talk gives audiences a profound and actionable way to move beyond health and following a set rules and instead it shows them how listening to the body and mind is the simple secret to creating health. It takes the stress out of getting healthy and replaces it with a powerful understanding of how the feeling of attraction and aversion to health practices makes sense when you understand how humans work.


From Fear To Flow-The Power of Stress Intelligence®

Stress Intelligence® is a core area of thought leadership in How Humans Work. This keynote gives audiences a radical and empowering vision of the human stress response with actionable ways to negotiate the hazard of stress while maximizing the benefits that come from stress. Understanding how stress works in humans and what we can do with our stress experiences is a life-changer.