• How Humans Work Urban Retreat Space (map)
  • To Be Announced
  • San Francisco, CA 94104
  • USA

Join HHW cofounders Jeffrey Szilagyi and Jonah Larkin along with a host of inspired professionals for the 2019 Vitality and True Leadership Urban Retreat.

This 1/2 day offsite in the heart of San Francisco will be full of inspiring, initimate and playful connection. It will give participants an opportunity to combine their 2019 Leadership and Wellness goals into a powerful vision and intention for the coming year.

Take a break from your work pressures and spend a long morning with likeminded colleagues. This session will be active, fun, and meaningful.

Together we will….

  • Use the Vitality Approach to revolutionize your health and wellness and your leadership reputation.

  • Build Mastery in optimizing stress responses for successful leadership.

  • Lead the Sustainable working enviroment movement by learning to Manage Human.

Limited Seats

Early Bird pricing now through Dec 28th