The Vitality Groove is a monthly coaching session for health providers and life coaches!

Join How Humans Work cofouder Jeffrey Szilagyi as he team coaches health care providers and life coaches who use the VitalityGPS as tool for their patients and clients.

Each Vitality Groove session includes…

  1. Answering questions and challenges the VGPS brings up in your practice.

  2. Special insights Jeffrey has from developing the VitalityGPS

  3. A case study to open new doors in how to use the VGPS

  4. Ongoing reinforcement of the Vitality Approach.

  5. The secrets of transfoming your clients stress through the Stress Intelligence world view.

  6. New science about the 6 Human Needs.

  7. Engagment strategies based on your clients engagment needs.

  8. New maps for boosting your patient’s and client’s personal Vitality.


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