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How would you feel if you could have more of those "aha" and serendipitous moments in your life?

What if you could feel like you are in "in flow" more often?

Eventbrite - The Intelligence of Stress: From Fear to Flow

Join Jeffrey and Jonah for part two of their groundbreaking work in a model of health that will get you feeling vital, alive and in touch with your natural intelligence.

In the Intelligence of Stress: From Fear to Flow you can learn the keys to understanding and overcoming stress as an obstacle to living in flow.  Stress is widely viewed as harmful and toxic to our health.   Unfortunately we've built a mindset around stress that relies on one research model which is not only intuitively off, but is being eclipsed by more complete models of stress. The Stress Response is one of the most ancient of all evolutionary embedded resources, which is more vitalizing and adaptive than we're being told.   Once we begin to truly understand it, stress becomes an ally rather than a barrier to our satisfaction and happiness as humans.

In this session, participants will...

   -Gain crucial insight into the powerful role Stress has in our lives.

   -Learn to perceive your Stress Signals with a greater intelligence. 

   -Develop flexibility and build tools to enhance one's stress response repertoire.