Are you ready to massively expand your energy, your capacity and your impact and doing it all in a state of flow?

If  you’re anything like I was you may be experiencing tremendous success in one area of your life but others have almost fallen off the radar.

You know what I’m talking about.

It’s those extra pounds you’re carrying around your midsection.

It’s that feeling of waking in the morning and not feeling fully rested.

It’s knowing you need to connect with your partner on a deeper level but you’ve been avoiding it because work is using up most of your energy.

It’s not having time anymore to focus on the things that YOU love doing.

You may know what you “should” be doing but somehow things just aren’t clicking.

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Several years ago I had just sold a business after countless 80 hour work weeks and I was completely burned out.  

I had achieved business success and I also had enough money that I didn’t have to work for a while.  But I felt drained and aimless.

I wasn’t until I went to a 30 day meditation retreat that my energy began to return.  

It literally took that deep level of restoration just to begin to undo the physical and emotional stress I had put my body through.

I realized at that moment that I had been avoiding a fundamental aspect of what is needed to maintain this body, mind and spirit.

-Jonah Larkin/ co-founder

At HHW we recognize that true well-being, professional success and happiness is not something that is achieved and left for dead.

Instead it is a process with adjustments and calibration.  

Our coaching is based on the fundamental principles of how you work.

Physically and Biologically.

Mentally and Emotionally.

Psychologically and Socially.

All of things arose out of millions of years of human evolution.  

We all need to eat, sleep, move, connect, play, express and experience meaning in order to feel fully vital.

The modern world challenges and stresses these fundamental aspects of well-being.

In science circles this is called biological mismatch.