The VitalityGPS Wellness Instrument

Helping coaches, health providers and therapists rapidly see the big picture for their clients!

The VitalityGPS is the perfect tool for coaches, health providers and therapists who want to get the big picture lifestyle challenges that their clients and patients face. Our VitalityGPS offer itself as an insightful and useful tool to accurately drive meaninful behavior change.

The VitalityGPS has opened new horizons with my patients and given me insights and tools to be a stronger ally for their health.

Bill W.

Classical Acupuncturist

Auburn, California

How Humans Work offers coaches and health providers….

  • Free VitalityGPS Trial Period (2 weeks)

  • Zoom based onboarding and training

  • Back end data and reports to give you the extra edge

  • Tools to grow and enhance your practice

  • Lead magnet and other proven protocols.

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